How You Can Still Make A Big Profit From Bitcoin

The Easiest Way Is Mining


What Is Bitcoin Mining?


5 Reasons Why You Should Start Mining Today
With Bitclub Network Mining Pools


Reason #1
On December 17, 2017, 1 Bitcoin was about US$20,000.

It means $100 will buy only 0.005 BTC (BTC = Bitcoin)

Now at the start of 2019, 1 Bitcoin is about US$4,000.

It means $100 will buy 0.025 BTC

Which means you get a lot more Bitcoin for your money.

Buy your Bitcoin Today while you can get a lot more Bitcoin for your money and before it is too late!

Have you heard Bitcoin is dead, a bubble, broken etc etc?
I urge you to Google "Bakkt"
If you can't be bothered, let me summarise...
Bakkt is a company owned by ICE (Intercontinental Exchange), which owns the New York Stock Exchange.

Bakkt is a new Bitcoin Exchange that will launch early 2019 and open the door to the hundreds of millions of customers who trust the New York Stock Exchange to the new world of Bitcoin Trading.  They will have everything in place so people can click a button to buy and sell Bitcoin in a protected, regulated environment.

If Bitcoin is dead or broken, I don't think Bakkt will be investing possibly hundreds of millions of dollars into this project (and have just raised US$182million).  I don't think they are stupid.  They are greedy and that's why Bitcoin is not dead, it is just in a down trend because it is in the process of being regulated.



Reason #2
Bitclub Network has successfully mined over 70,000 Bitcoins in the past 4+ years and is consistently ranked in the world's top 10 Bitcoin mining operations.  They are reliable and trustworthy to mine and pay the mined Bitcoins to the share holders (you and I).


Reason #3
The cost to join Bitclub Network is a 1 time US$99 fee.

They have 3 mining pools to buy shares in.

Pool #1 - 1 share = US$500 (about 0.125 BTC at today's rate)

Pool #2 - 1 share = US$1000 (about 0.25 BTC at today's rate)

Pool #3 - 1 share = US$2000 (about 0.5 BTC at today's rate)

Each pool gives you 1,000 days of Bitcoin mining, which Bitclub Network does for you.  You don't have to do anything, making this very attractive to people who want to profit from Bitcoin but don't want to do any work.

The sooner you start, the sooner you start mining Bitcoin.


Reason #4
Proof of current active account after 852 days of mining.

Note how much Bitcoin is mined in each pool (red boxes). 

Using today's rate, in the table below, you can see how much it costs to buy 1 share in each pool and using the live account results above how much Bitcoin was mined and the profit.

  Cost For 1 Share Mined BTC After 852 Days Profit
Pool #1 US$500
(0.125 BTC)
(0.41636 BTC)
(0.29136 BTC)
Pool #2 US$1000
(0.25 BTC)
(0.80832 BTC)
(0.55832 BTC)
Pool #3 US$2000
(0.5 BTC)
(1.697 BTC)
(1.197 BTC)


The Bitcoin mined in each pool above is about 3 X the current price to buy a share for each pool!!!

While results are never guaranteed, this can be used as a guide as to what kind of profit you COULD get. 

In this case, the Bitcoin mined is 3 X the current price to buy a share, then if Bitcoin price doubles, that would make the profit 6 X the original US$ investment in any pool!!!

That is why you should start TODAY.


Reason #5
The amount of Bitcoin mined halves every 4 years or so, the next halving is due mid 2020.  That is why you should start TODAY.

With that said, I strongly recommend Pool #3.  If you cannot afford Pool #3, then buy into Pool #2.  If you cannot afford Pool #2, then buy into Pool #1.  Something is better than nothing, but I feel Pool #1 is not really worth it due to the next halving coming soon.

The sooner you start, the more Bitcoin you mine before the next split (the amount mined is halved).

Said another way, every day you delay, you lose the ability to mine maximum Bitcoin for your account!

Start today and start making big profits with Bitcoin with the easiest way possible, through Mining with Bitclub Network.


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Bonus #1 Referral Program

Earn US$200 worth of Bitcoin for every "cycle"

1 cycle = 15 points on the left and 15 points on the right

As people join Bitclub Network, they join your left or right team, then as they buy shares in mining pools you earn points

1 share of pool #1 = 3 points
1 share of pool #2 = 6 points
1 share of pool #3 = 12 points

Plus more!
(There are actually 5 ways to earn referral commissions)

This is an optional free business you get when joining Bitclub Network.  You do not have to share Bitclub Network with anyone, but you get 1000 days of mining, so it is a chance to get "free money" by sharing Bitclub Network with others during your 1000 days of mining. 

A great and simple way to build a small or even large extra income with no cost or risk!

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Bonus #2 Learn Basic Trading Skills
I've been trading Bitcoin since mid 2017 and recently been averaging over 10% more Bitcoin per month (meaning if I had 1.0 Bitcoin at the start of the month, by the end of the month I have 1.1 Bitcoin at no extra cost - only using my time and basic trading skills).

If you want to know how I do it, let me know and I'll teach you the basics of trading Bitcoin as a free bonus for joining my Bitclub Network team.


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